Mosaic Rudenko - St. Basil's Cathedral

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Warning!  The puzzle of this kind of system will be all in Russian.  The guidelines happen to be in Russian as well.  I have translated the information here as best as I can. The game is designed with a nice means to devote time builds up reasonable thinking and also intelligence stimulates the enhancement of motor skills and coordination forms the imagination trains the memory.  Mosaic covers sixteen tiles. Each tile for the floor - a fragment of the whole picture. The goal:  make a photo by moving the tiles on the slots. At the bottom level of the game are hints. Policies of the game: two-way game. Make a picture on one side area, flip the game on the other side and collect the newest picture.One side area: Collect St. Basil. Second Side: Collect patterns of colored tiles (horizontal and vertical, diagonal, colored squares). Developed by Valery Rudenko from Russia.

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