Aneng M1 Handheld Digital Multimeter Lcd Backlight

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Features:Multifunctional Multimeter - High perfection with facts keeping function. Portable digital multimeter with a number of functions.Overload Protection - Use security circuit for resistance and also frequency measurement. Designed as a sensible tool,safely troubleshoot a wide range of electrical tests.Backlight Display - Maximum display,19999 is important. Discretionary backlit LCD with huge digits for visibility even when it's in dimly lit areas. Facts store performance helps to keep specifications while record.Features Plus - For specific designs also can certainly be chosen for testing frequency,temperature,capacitance and also NCV.Widespread Use - Auto ranging measurement. Accurately methods including AC/DC voltage and also current,resistance,continuity,diode,capacitance,frequency/duty cycle,temperature,transistor and also continuity test with battery pack operated.

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